Decision 2012 @ SAC

A Mother's Perspective

The person that I have decided to interview is my great loving mother. Her name is Alicia Clennan and she has done it all in my eyes, that is why I have decided to interview her. My mother have a Bachelor's Degree and she is currently working on her Master's. I have been thru a lot with my mother, that is why I decided she would be the perfect person to interview. She is very open minded, great personality, very kind, patient, and she is a gifted genius. My mother is Filipino and she was born in the Philippines. She is the first in her family to get a College Degree and I am very proud to say that she is the best role model for me. My mother is now living in San Antonio and is trying to get a new career, working hard to achieve might I add. Although my mother can not vote, because she is not a citizen yet; her views on this election is still amazing to me. She is not really one hundred percent with the candidates but if she had a choice, she said that she would vote for Obama. My mother started to defend President Obama, saying that we can not blame President Obama for the slow start that he did. We can not give a man that another man's mess for eight years and expect him to fix it in four year's. We got to give him some time and she also stated that he did get our troops to come back home. She also added that, "Our President right now even got the world's baddest terrorist." Even though, she is pro-Obama; she has doubts. My mother is not really into this election, because she thinks that each of the candidate is basically just making fun of each other. She started laughing and said, "Romney say something great, then Obama comes back and makes fun of the idea and say's something even better!" In my mind, I would have to agree; because take a look at all their campaign commercials. It is basically an election, where who can make the other person look worst. Even though, I think that my mother made a great point about the accomplishments that Obama has done, since he became the United States of America's President. To conclude our interview, she stated that "We need to give him another chance and see what he can really do, if we give him more time." She also disagrees with abortion but she is surprised that Obama is Pro-abortion. Even though she does not think that Abortion should be legal, she still thinks that Obama is a better candidate than Romney. She believes that Obama is going to be a better leader for the country and the perfect choice for the election.