Decision 2012 @ SAC

Essay 2-3: Final Draft

First Time

 How were you able to decide who got your vote the very first time you participated in an election? How did you know right from wrong? I sat down with my long-time boyfriend Roman A. Rangel to get an insight on his concerns about Election 2012. After coming home from a long day of working out in the sun, I was surprised that Roman had much to say and gladly answered all my questions. This interview was interesting to do since this year will be the first election that Roman, as well as I, will take part in.
First of all let me describe to you my voter. Mr. Rangel is a young college student who attends San Antonio College studying to earn a EMT Level 1 Certificate. He hopes go to medical school where he can earn a degree to become a physical therapist. Roman is a strong guy with a big body that reflects how he is not easily pushed around. However, Roman is the most patient and kindest person I have ever met. He is very family oriented and comes from a religious family. Roman's views make him different. His rationality and big heart do not allow him to discriminate against others, so when he stated to tell me his concern about gay rights and his family I understood just why he felt that way.
As we talked through the evening, I was assured that there was one big concern that held Roman's vote--gay rights. Roman was concerned about it because he would like to see lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transvestites all able to have equality and the right to marry. I was able to fully understand where he was coming from when he began telling me about his family. He has some cousins who are gay and since gay marriage is not legal here in Texas, nor most of the states. they cannot be entirely happy. He says they are family and blood. He says that it is unfair to know that if he wanted to get married he could--since it would be a man-woman relationship--but not his cousins, which would be a man-man or woman-woman. "All that matters," Roman expressed to me, "is that they are happy, and able to live with their partner in matrimony." Roman told me that he believes that God is the only one who can judge someone, not the government, congregations, or society. He said that no one should be judged if they have done nothing to break the law or hurt anybody. He said, "In today's society, apparently, loving someone of the same sex is wrong." He was upset that even in the military, for a long time, being openly gay was a bad thing. Before I asked him what he would do about this he asked me, "Since when does your sexual orientation affect your ability to serve in the armed forces?"
Don't Ask, Don't Tell, repealed by President Barack Obama over one year ago, prohibited gays, lesbians, and bisexuals from serving in our military while being open about their sexuality. The President issues a statement on the anniversary of the repeal; He stated that "fundamental American values of fairness and equality" were upheld and that any gays need no longer "hide who they love in order to serve." Roman said that that President Obama really showed character by addressing such a controversial issue. Obama stated that our nation's security had grown stronger since those skills of any gay or lesbian American are no longer denied. On May 9, 2012 President Barack Obama announced his support for gay marriage; Whereas, Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney believes a marriage is only "a relationship between a man and a woman."
Roman would love to see gay marriage legalized in all fifty states. He said if he had his way any rules prohibiting gay marriage would be revoked and no one would question gays and lesbians marrying. All that mattered, he told me, was that the couple was happy and joined in marriage. My voter, Roman A. Rangel, had just one major concern about this election; He would give anything to have equal treatment for all "LGBTs." Marriage and the military were just to branches of the inequality given to homosexuals. I really learned a lot from this interview and we both are looking forward to voting this year.