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what matter most in election 2012

What matter most in election 2012

Created by Ounissa Ait Rabah

Well, the election for the new president is one of the biggest decisions for all of us. Every body wants changes, and every body has different thoughts, different mentality and different views of the way they see things. So every vote counts, and every one has his particular issue that matter to him or her. It’s important to think, to make researches about the two opposites paths about our candidates. It’s important to discuss, to follow news to make a best choice in these elections. Generally, everyone votes upon to the issues that really matter to him or her. When I asked Ouali Oumohand what really matter to him in this up coming elections, he replied in no time that healthcare is what matter to him. The reason I chose Ouali to do an interview with him because he likes to talk a lot about politic. Even if he does not have time to follow the news, he finds some time to fill out his mind with politics ideas.
Ouali Oumohand is a 32 years old man, married and father to a one year old son. He is a very tall man, strong, and has brown clear eyes. He is a student at San Antonio College and he is working in math lab as a math tutor. He is willing to continuer his education at UTSA to get his master in computer science. He is so busy, so I kept calling him to get a chance to meet him for this interview. The reason because he works doubles, and also takes some classes at San Antonio College (SAC). He even does not have enough time to spend with his wife and his son. He is always out side working or studding, and when he gets home the first things he does is turning the TV on watching news or surfing on line looking for the last information about 2012 elections. His hopes are better future for America and more opportunities for middle class.
After all, I get a chance to meet him; I went to his house around 8pm. He was playing with his son while his wife preparing dinner.  I sat on his comfortable coach in the living room and we start changing each other our daily news. As I noticed him starts talking about politic, I took advantage to ask him what really matters him in this elections. I know that he is planning to register to vote in this up coming 2012 elections.  He replied without any thinking, “My big issue is healthcare”. I noticed the anger and the disappointment in his eyes, and also his face start changing colors. He seemed very tired but has many things to admit. While his child was playing between us and started bothering us, he called his wife to take care of him because he wants to let off steam. So I asked him what the matter with healthcare. And how he does want to see the candidates and the future of the country? He said: “This issue is matter all Americans citizens. American’s health system is unsupportable. It’s not one problem, but two combined: high hospitals cost and no insurance.” We started laughing about cars because every car has full coverage or maybe liability coverage compeer it to human.  He said that even the policemen if stop you during the driving, they always asks for car insurance, and they never asked for personal insurance.
He sees that America has the first-class hospitals and doctors in the world. “When we enter to the hospital, we feel like we are in five stars hotel. But the problem is we spend far more than any other advanced country. In addition we are not much healthier than other countries people.” This is right, medical costs keep growing and growing faster while the economy is in trouble. He said that like about   two months ago, he had an injury in his eye, so he went to the emergency room. He spent one night there, and he took off from the hospital in the next day. So they told him that they will send him a bill at home. After fifteen days, he received a letter; he said he was scared to open it because he knew that will be the hospital bill, and it will break him down. “My hands start shaking while trying to open the envelope and it was a five thousand dollars bill.” That’s huge money for him adding to the monthly mortgage, car insurance, food and the gas which rises every day. I asked him why he is so worried of these elections. He replied that he is worried about the second party if he wins the elections definitely he will take away this healthcare reform. Because republicans don’t want to mess with capitalism fundamentals, and they don’t want help middle class people. Healthcare for them will be a big issue for the economy. That’s what Mitt Romney said to Hugh Hewitt’s radio program quoted in "Well of course I’m going to repeal Obamacare," Romney told the conservative radio host on Monday. "I’ve said that on the campaign trail, I think, every single day. Obamacare must be repealed –- in its entirety. It’s bad policy, it’s bad law, and frankly, a $2 trillion entitlement we don’t want and we certainly can’t afford. I have my own health care plan, and it does not require Obamacare to make our health care system work better. Obamacare is a disaster in my opinion, and has to be repealed entirely." So what makes Ouali so most worried is that republicans don’t tell us exactly what they are planning to do. They want to repeal Obamacare but we don’t know what will be their replacement. So he is worried about his future if they take the office.
In contrary to Mitt Romney, president Obama plans will be effective for the country in generally and for the middle class in particularly. As we know, he promised to us to cut taxes for the middle class and he did. He promised to get ELkaida Leader- Osama Bin Laden and kill him, and he did. He is also promised to all Americans to get healthcare, and if he stays in the office he will do it. President Obama explained how healthcare insurance reform will provide more security and stability to those who have health insurance, coverage for those who don’t, and will lower the coast of healthcare for our families, our businesses, and our government. The president’s plan in brief: Stability & Security for All Americans (PDF), quoted from:
I think this issue matter all Americans and ouali is not the only one concerned about healthcare reform. No one, specifically, in middle class wants to pay thousands of dollars in medical bills. Every one wants to see America differently, wants to go to the hospital with confidence not with stress and thinking about how much is going to cost him or her. Maybe some day we all are permitted to go for check out even if we don’t feel sick. Why not? I asked ouali my last question if he has a power what he will do? He hesitated in the beginning and then he said that he will provide health care for all Americans, and he will create new jobs with investing in country instead in china, and the most important thing he wants to do is make an end for all wars in Middle East and stop spending billions of dollars there.
Healthcare is matter to the most citizens; no one could avoid hospital if he gets injured or sick. Ouali replied that’s why the choice is matter in these elections. We have to be more carful in choosing our new lead. Every party has benefits form this election, from president to people, unless some one who makes an important thing in mind which is being in office is working for people.  Hopefully we will see some thing different next years, hopefully policemen will start asking two question when they stop some body, and start giving   ticket to people who does not have a healthcare insurance.
GOD BLESS AMERICA-the greatest nation on the earth.