Decision 2012 @ SAC

Three Steps in the Right Direction

In a world of uncertainty, who will we choose to bring this country back to the fertile and free land we were once known for? As a freshmen in college, I fear for financial stability and hope for job opportunities. In the past four years, according to, "America experienced the worst economic recovery of postwar history, under the Obama administration." I chose candidate, Mitt Romney's views on jobs because I believe that it is of great importance to young adults, such as myself. In the next four years I will be embracing the work force, so I cannot sit back and hope that someone does something.

To find a little more on how Romney views this issue I researched on his website, On the issue of jobs, Mitt Romney believes that 'by reducing taxes, spending, regulation, and government programs we will soon see inflation in trade, energy production, human capital, and labor flexibility." Romney's plan is said to create twelve million more jobs. He plans to reach this number, by achieving three steps.

According to the first step is to introduce his energy independence policy. This policy according to promises to create “three million new jobs, $500 billion in economic growth, lower trade deficits, a trillion dollars in revenue for cash-strapped state and local governments, lower energy prices, and improved national security.” The second step is to introduce the tax reform plan. This plan hopes to lower rates for the middle class. This reform will entail creating an addition of 7 million more jobs in the small businesses and the middle class work force. The final step and the last 2 million jobs will be created by "expanding trade, cracking down on China, and improving job training." With all three of these steps, the energy independence policy's 3 million jobs, the tax reform's 7 million jobs, and the trade expansion's 2 million jobs, Romney ensures the creation of 12 million new jobs. As a concerned citizen that makes me believe in a stable life again.

Washington post also found that there were many faults in his plans as well. They found that Romney's "personal accounting for this figure in this campaign ad is based on different figures and long-range timelines stretching as long as a decade." The numbers still add up, but the figures are off by a long shot. This is simply "a warning that job-creation claims by any campaign should not be accepted at face value." Romney wants jobs and has a great vague plan, which sounds credible to many. However, when we dig down and find the facts, we find that this plan is just not credible for its timeline.

Even though his plan maybe off on a timeline myself and agree that “Mitt Romney’s vision proudly embraces our natural resources and puts our nation on a path to North American Energy independence by 2020. What was once thought inconceivable is now within our grasp under the right leadership.” Last election we were told we would get change, but have yet to see it in the most crucial areas. This election, I believe only one man has a plan for a change, and that man is Mitt Romney.