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C.E.O. Of America

C.E.O. Of America
For this specific essay I chose Mitt Romney. The reason being is because I believe that he has solutions to our nation’s problem. He is a business man, and his personality is strong, fast paced, and independent. He wants to increase trade, increase our military and get us out of debt. We currently have a trillion dollar deficit per year, due to the Obama administration. There has not been a business or corporation that has made a trillion dollars. Not even Bill Gates has made a trillion dollars. Mitt Romney aims to put a stop to our economic downfall. Over the past four years that Obama has been in office our spending has increased. Romney will stop the taxing of the middle class, and will help the smaller businesses grow.
When I was on Governor Mitt Romney's website I came across what he had to say about the economic problems. “We’re experiencing the worst recovery since the Great Depression. Unemployment has been above 8 percent for 43 straight months. Almost 47 million Americans are on food stamps. And nearly one in six Americans is living in poverty. I will keep the work requirements in welfare and get our economies growing again, creating good jobs, higher take-home pay, and more opportunity for all Americans." Posted on the 22nd of 2012, Romney explains basically explains what has happened in past four years of Obama's presidency: and tells the public what he promises to America.
While I was looking around on the internet for information, that was scarce, I came across There was no known author, but it was posted on October 10th of 2012. " recently asked Facebook users: “Which candidate had the best response about job creation in last night’s Presidential debate? ”Majority choosing Mitt Romney’s answers in the debate as the best way to promote job creation. Eighty percent of the respondents chose Mitt Romney, while 20% chose Barack Obama in response to the question" According to the general public agree with Romney and his plans to get the public back on track.
Trevor Hayes, from Unfiltered Political News by Independent Contributors, talks about what Mitt Romney's plan will do, in a futuristic sense. "Mitt Romney has recently made a pledge to the American people that during the first term of his presidency, he has a concrete job creation plan that will produce 12 million new jobs. Over the next four years, the economy would need to add approximately 250,000 jobs per month to achieve this goal. This is quite a jump from the current rate of economic growth which has added just 138,000 jobs per month since March of 2010." Posted on September 6th of 2012, it seems that Trevor Hayes statistically thinks that Romney's plan is unrealistic. To create a 138,000 jobs per month is really quite a jump in the current economic state that we are in.
On CNN's website it had both Romney and Obama compared to each other on the job situation for America. The quote explains what some of Romney's plans are, according to CNN. "Romney’s plan to create jobs includes a heavy investment in “Human Capital,” a plan to cut the corporate tax rate from 35% to 25%, repealing health care reform and continuing the Bush-era tax cuts." As of when this was posted is currently unknown: also the author is currently unknown. However Romney plans to continue cutting taxes, and keep pushing on with the Bush-era tax cuts. If we continue that direction where will the money to pay off our debt come from?
On the search for my last source of information I came across Adam Davidson, from The New York Times, who published a article on a central question "do good C.E.O.'s make a good presidents." Here lie's his answer. “There aren’t many lessons from his term as the governor of Massachusetts — the economy was comparatively healthy back then, and the unemployment rate was fairly low. All that’s certain is that Romney has promised to use decades of business savvy to create jobs, which raises the question: how do you apply business strategy to a jobs crisis? When I put this question to business analysts, several pointed me in the direction of Louisiana, which has applied a number of Romney’s principles. In 2011, according to Southern Business Development magazine, Louisiana attracted more new business-development projects per capita than any other state in the South. Its unemployment tracks below the national average, too." Posted on October 16th of 2012, Adam explains how states that adopted some of Romney's modes of strategy did better than the national level.
After reviewing all the information presented, I have to say that my opinion of Romney as a leader has dramatically increased, so in other words I give him four out of five stars. Not only because he himself as a leader shows determination, but because people themselves trust him economically. In the text from his website "I will keep the work requirements in welfare and get our economy growing again, creating good jobs, higher take-home pay, and more opportunity for all Americans," he sounds like a born leader. Also as a C.E.O. of a company, I think that America needs a man of business. It would promote a better chance in saving our economy. If you think about it, business is all about ethics and communication. With Romney’s way with words, and the people of America depending on him to create jobs: America might have a chance. When talked about how eighty percent backed him job wise, that sold me. But also remember what Trevor Hayes said, apparently his goals are a little on the imaginary side with numbers. That sounds fine to me because in my opinion, I would much rather have a president who shows determination, bravery against odds, and a business sense for America: than one who continues on the same path to economic failure. The only thing that really worries me is what CNN said about how he would lower the tax rate. We are already in a lot of debt so taking away ten percent could be risky: Unless he has a plan to get money elsewhere in another form of business like trade. I agree that we do need to relieve the public of taxes, but we must have sources and other ways to gain the money back. But apparently Adam Davidson also has seems to agree that Romney is good for America. The reason I say this is because Massachusetts during hard times did rather well: Louisiana also seemed to do well when they adopted some of Romney's principles. Not only that but in both Massachusetts and Louisiana there unemployment rate was fairly low. So in an overall view of Romney, I say that he has America at heart and the road to success on his mind. Yes he is a millionaire, but we all know how hard it is to become one. In the end Romney may have some near impossible goals for employment, but then again who thought it would be possible for America to get so far into debt.