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Romney does/doesn't support gay marriage

A lot of people put the issue of gay marriage on the backburner. Americans as a whole have been more concerned with the economy, healthcare, and the job market. The reason behind these issues being on top of the list of concerns for Americans in this upcoming election is just, but the issue of gay marriage and if it could be legalized is still an issue that like any comes with a lot of debate. The political norm usually goes as follows, liberals who tend to vote democrat usually support same sex marriage whereas conservatives who tend to vote republicans usually are against same sex marriage and believe marriage should be between a man and a woman. I feel there point of view is usually backed by their religious belief. While many may argue that religion has no place in politics, my personal experiences in life have shown that it is nearly impossible to not let your religious upbringing influence your everyday life. Don’t are morals and ethic being derive from our religious background?

Mitt Romney’s stance on gay marriage has been one that I feel had be contradicted. Romney like many republicans opposes gay rights in America; I’m not saying all republicans are against gay rights, but the majority of them do not believe in legalizing gay marriage. In a forum on September 19th Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney was asked how he would feel if one of his grandchildren were homosexual. His response caught many like me by surprise" I would be okay with my grandchild being gay and I would want them to be happy. I would want them to be able to live together in a loving home, have children and have a meaningful and respectful relationship." His response seems to match his views when he first entered politics. While seeking the US senate seat in 1994, Romney wrote a letter to a gay rights group known as the Log Cabin Club stating his support “full equality for America’s gay and lesbian citizens. He even made a claim he would further push gay rights into mainstream America. His views; however seemed to have changed since then. During his 2008 Presidential campaign, Romney stated that he has and always will view marriage as between a man and a woman.

Many wonder if he's making an attempt to sway the gay voters in his favor. Obama supports same sex marriage, so a majority of gay voters vote for Obama. His alleged stern stance on gay marriage has a lot of people confused as to why his views towards gays and there rights has changed over the years. Is it an attempt to gain more supporters? Unlike Romney, Obama always has and continues to support gay marriage. It’s easy to say that a majority of gay and lesbian people support Obama because he is one of the few people running in this year’s election who not only support gay marriage, but gay rights. "I've always been adamant that gay and lesbian Americans should be treated fairly and equally,” says president Obama in an interview conducted on May 3rd 2012 during a taping of Good Morning America. Some felt his support of gay marriage would ruin his chances of winning the presidency in 200, but a majority of the gay community supported and even endorsed Obama.

I personally would not want a president whose views on a given subject change like the seasons. I feel we need a president who knows what he stands for, and continues to back it. The fact that Romney’s views on gay marriage have flip flop just shows how he just does or says what he feels will get him into the white house. That’s not the type of person we need running this country. I would much rather have a president who does what’s necessary to better America as a whole then a president who does certain things to please a certain group of people. This may not make sense to a lot of people, but I don’t mean it in the sense of not doing something that will better an individual, but if every person’s personal issues where fixed by the president then the bigger issues that affect America as a whole wouldn’t be fixed.
I personally support gay and lesbian right and feel that gay people should be allowed to marry whomever they chose to marry. Our government has right to tell us who we are allowed to be with. I do believe that we should try to eliminate religion from politics, but that is easier said than done. Many like me were raised in a religious household, and a majority of my family does not support same sex marriage due to the fact that the bible states marriage should be between a man and a woman. I being one of few who support gay rights, I’m often questioned how I can consider myself a Christian if I believe in something that goes against what GOD says. This being said I feel it would be hard to eliminate religious bias from politics because at the end of the day our moral being derives from our religious upbringing.



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